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NOTE: Musee Conti in the French Quarter officially closed on January 31, 2016

After a brief retirement, the wax figures are getting a new home!

Musee Conti, or The WAX, officially closed its French Quarter location on January 31, 2016 after more than 50 years of providing locals and visitors the history of New Orleans using remarkably detailed wax figures. The building has since been converted into condos. Prior to the start of demolition, the Jazzland Foundation negotiated to acquire the wax figures and larger set pieces.

After a brief retirement, the wax figures will get a new home! The wax figures have spent the last two years in climate controlled storage. The site for its new home in New Orleans has been selected, and the design work for the new exhibit area has begun.

The wax figures, including their wardrobes, will each be cleaned and restored prior to being put back on display. The displays showcased the history of New Orleans in a unique way that helped give school children throughout the region a better understanding of the people and events that shaped our culture and our lives today. Being able to see this representation, outside of a book and typical classroom, turns history “facts” into something more tangible.

Please help us make the re-opening a reality. Will you please consider a donation to help save these valuable artistic figures for the children of the next generation to experience?

The Jazzland Foundation is a federal 501c3 non-profit organization and can supply an IRS-W9 upon request.

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Your tour of Musée Conti will take you from Louisiana
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New Orleans' unique history unfolds at the
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"A local landmark . . . . A Treasury of Louisiana history . . . . Where it’s Mardi-Gras all year round"
The New York Times

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The Sun Herald